Monday, November 4, 2013


For the last eight months I have been working in the field of illustration - a new endeavor for me.
It has been a wonderful and challenging process which has helped me grow as a painter.
I've been lucky enough to land a job doing work for Deloitte, and in doing so, have had the opportunity to work with two fantastic people - Joanie Reynolds and Matt Lennert. Without these two, my illustration career may have never began, and so I am forever in their debt for paving the way to a new and exciting career in the field of art.

Below are examples of the projects I have done for Deloitte this year.
All pieces are hand-painted in watercolor.
Layout and design by Joanie Reynolds.

This is the project that started it all. A series of 4 illustrations - 1 cover and 3 spot illustrations.

I knew it would be a challenge when the term " space-time continuum pie " came up, but I enjoyed figuring out what that would look like visually.

Below are the series of seven Asia Pacific Economic Outlook covers I have done so far.
Each one represents one of the listed countries on the covers.
From top to bottom:
China, Thailand, Japan, Austrailia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. 

I have also painted three cover illustrations for Deloitte's Global Economic Outlook covers.
This work, which subjects are far from my fine art pieces, challenge and strengthen my hand skills and ability to visually problem solve. I enjoy this challenge and look forward to doing much more in this field of work.